Thursday, April 25, 2013

TeN mOnThS oLd!

Here we go again... Chloe is ten months old already! She is a super fast crawler, avid explorer, and all around busy body. She absolutely LOVES making messes. I'm pretty sure she has a need to take everything out of its container as fast as possible and is constantly working on setting new records. It has become quite entertaining. So far this month she has had a couple fun experiences. She went to her friend's first birthday party and met lots of really nice strangers, played in a sandbox and enjoyed a cake ball...

We went for a drive through the mountains up by Blacks Creek... it took 4 hours which we didn't expect but it was fun. We followed the Snake River around and took some fun pictures (on my camera which I'm too lazy to upload at this point). The kids were sooooo sick of being in the car by the time we got home!

mmmm Cheetos!

On Saturday we drove over to meet my parents and brothers in City of Rocks. That place is just amazing! Chloe spent the afternoon watching the boys climb Taco Boulder, and Karson made a little dam in the stream that ran down the hill. After the boys had had enough of climbing we hiked back down to the cars. Chloe fell asleep in the backpack I was carrying her in... and we left just in time for the snow to start falling!

We have also been giving Chloe some fun foods to experiment with and she loves it!

Frozen mango

Yogurt covered pretzel= mess!

Spaghetti...oops! This is what Mom gets for trying to take a picture instead of helping her with her dinner.

Blueberry waffles are definitely an acceptable breakfast at our house.

Who doesn't like frozen Go-Gurt?!

Oh yes and she is now working on her third tooth! It's so cute, it's a little pokey nub on the top gum. She looks so goofy when she does her big squinty-eyed smile ( know, the one she got from her dad!), but I LOVE it! We can't believe how fast she is growing...and it is already time for me to start thinking about 1st birthday party plans... WHAT?! We think that she will start walking soon...but we will see!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Pinspired DIY Headbands

Yesterday I had the urge to do something... anything crafty. I have been not so motivated lately so after I put Chloe to bed I made some headbands out of some old, way too tight t-shirts that I never should have bought in the first place... but hey at least I'm getting some use out of them :) There are lots of tutorials out there for this type of headband and they are super easy to make. Here is what I did. ..
Start by laying out your shirt and cutting off the bottom hem
Cut a strip as thick as you want. Mine were about 3-4"

Twist into a figure 8

Twist again...

Fold it in half and the top should look like this

And thats it!

I made 5 total in about 10 minutes

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hiking, Biking, Swimming and Sunshine in the Beautiful Saint George

Spring Break 2013

Karson showing Chloe his ladybug
Spring break was a success :) We had a great time and enjoyed some really nice weather. Our adventure started off on Sunday as we drove down to my mom and dad's place. The drive was long and Chloe hardly slept, but Karson did well. We rented Hotel Transylvania and Karson watched it twice! By the time we got into town I couldn't wait to get out of the car...Chloe had been screaming at me for way too long and my nerves were pretty much shot. Apparently Chloe doesn't travel as well as Karson did at this age. But we made it, so that's all that matters!

Karson and Chloe at the hotel
On Wednesday morning, we headed for Saint George....hello sunshine! We checked into our hotel and as we were getting ready to go check out the pool Cris found a cockroach in our bathroom... Gross!!! The manager offered to let us change rooms, but also said it was an ongoing problem so we decided not to move unless we came across another one. Thankfully that was the only one we encountered.

Chloe and Karson LOVED the pool. They both had so much fun swimming, and the weather was so nice! My mom bought Karson some sweet blow up airplanes with squirt guns attached to them that were a huge hit among all the kids in the pool. After swimming, we went out to lunch and then hiked up this cool crack. What a neat place! You had to shimmy sideways through most of it and then pull yourself out (with arm strength that I am lacking!) at the end. Luckily my brothers were coaching me through it and warned me about the narrowest parts. Looking at the pictures it seems like there is no way adults could squeeze through there!

Thursday Chloe and I did our own thing while everyone else went for a fun little bike ride... which reminds me, we really need to get another bike (Craigslist, here I come!).  Mom, Chloe and I went out thrift shoppin' with my grandma that evening, then stopped at this neat little water park and let Chloe play. The "water park" had some stone steps with little waterfalls flowing from them into a pond with small red rock boulders in it for the kiddos to crawl around on. Chloe loved playing in the waterfalls...tooo cute!

Meanwhile....the boys were rock climbing at Chuckwalla. Dad bought Karson a harness at the Desert Rat and when we got there Dalton was belaying him up a huge red rock wall. He seemed to really like it, but I think his favorite part was just clipping in with the carabiners. He looked so cool in his climbing harness! That night Riley, Mom and I went to a Kundalini yoga class at Downtown Yoga. It was all about the full moon, and it was a very unique class. I was lost half the time and pushed to my physical limit the rest of the time, but it was definitely worth it just to experience this type of yoga.

Friday was the beginning of our mini family reunion at Coral Springs Resort right outside of St. George. The condos were gorgeous! Both of our condos had 2 queen beds, 2 sets of bunk beds, a kitchen, laundry room and 2 bathrooms. The master bathroom had a walk in shower and a jacuzzi tub... which Chloe and Karson had a nice bath in.

Saturday we started off with a nice yoga class taught by Mom. When we were done, the kids went on an Easter egg hunt. Karson was lucky enough to find the egg with a $5 bill in it! Cris carried Chloe around and got her to pick up eggs, but she wouldn't put them in the basket. She chose to shake them and/or try to open them instead.

That afternoon we went to Red Cliffs Campground and hiked up a nice trail to some waterfalls. We took turns jumping into the freezing pool at the bottom of the first waterfall. What a rush! The water was soooooo cold, but it was probably about 80 degrees outside so that helped. Chloe was a little explorer like always and walked around on the red rock with Gramps :) When we got home we ended the night with some dinner and a family talent show... which was actually pretty cool. We have some talented people in our family.

We ended our family reunion Sunday morning. My mom, my aunts and I hiked up the hill behind the condos and did some yoga with the sunrise. It was so amazing! There aren't many places with a view like that! What a great vacation!

Hike up the crack

Climbing at Chuckwalla

Gooseberry Mesa

Gramps and Chloe at Red Cliffs

Second waterfall at Red Cliffs Campground

Family picture...Karson was pouting about not being able to catch a lizard

Dalton supervising Karson and Chloe in the Jacuzzi tub

Coral Springs Condos