Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Schafer Butte

A few months ago when I was submitting my work schedule, I had intended on scheduling myself off for Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, I screwed up somewhere in the process and submitted a blank schedule. By the time I learned of my mistake everyone had taken the good shifts and I was left working split up days (which sucks when you work nights), and I did not get the holiday weekend off like I'd hoped. On the bright side, the yoga festival that I have been going to the past couple of years is scheduled in October instead of Labor Day weekend... so that made it okay.
The kids just couldn't hold in their excitement to go hiking!

Since we couldn't go on a fun vacation, we decided to do a mini day trip. We drove up past Bogus Basin Ski Resort and on to Shafer Butte, where we went on a nice little hike. The trail made a loop from Shafer Butte to Mores Mountain, but we weren't able to complete the whole thing with the kiddos tagging along. Cris and I took turns carrying Chloe in the hiking backpack, but she was just getting over a cold and wasn't quite back to her bubbly self.  Karson did a lot better than I'd expected, but there were a few complaints here and there.

We had intended on BBQing after our hike, but to our dismay there were fire restrictions that ruined that plan. So instead we drove around and explored the mountains, then had dinner at Chili's. Overall we enjoyed our mini vacation, and would like to go back and explore the area some more. There were lots of trails for hiking, and the views were amazing!
Photo bombing like a pro!