Sunday, July 5, 2015

Chloe's 3!!!

Little Chloe was quite spoiled for her birthday this year. We have pretty much been celebrating it all month! On her actual birthday we went out for pizza, then I took Karson to the airport to fly to Granny's all by himself. After I got back, we took Chloe to a park with a splash pad for some fun in the sun. Cris had a work party to go to, so Chloe sang herself happy birthday and blew out her candles LOL.

Helping with the
Rainbow tutus!
We had a rainbow fiesta for her the following Saturday so my parents could come up and celebrate with us. Chloe loves rainbows and everyone that came to her party last year really loved the fiesta... so we combined the two. Soooo much fun! There were lots of little friends that were able to make it, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Chloe got lots of fun gifts and has been enjoying each one of them! We were so happy to have so many friends to celebrate with and we can't wait to do it again!

Gettin' muddy at the Dirty Dash before the party

These rainbow cupcakes were fun to make...
thanks to Chloe and Ashley's help :)