Thursday, May 23, 2013

11 months!

In less than one short month little Chloe will be 1 year old! No longer a "zero" as our friend's kid used to call Karson. I can't believe it... time flies too fast! She is still as cute as ever and is so full of personality. Within the last week she has gotten brave and tried walking short distances. So exciting! Cris gives me a hard time because I wouldn't "let him teach her sooner," but it was for good reasons. Having a 9/10 month old that is crawling is enough work, walking would be so much more trouble!

Other than that, Chloe is just growing up and changing all the time. She is doing cute things like clapping with a big grin on her face, chasing Karson around, and eating anything she can get her hands on (not excluding chicken poop...yuck!). I'm working on planning her first birthday party, and it should be lots of fun! I've decided to do a mermaid theme which should be pretty cute! Here's some fun pictures of what Chloe's been up to :)

Standing up in her highchair... of course!

Troublemakers, squeezed their way past the stool to mess with the TV

Playing in a Gi-normous ball

Scooping sand with the fish face ;)

Playing in the pool with Karson

Goofin' around with Karson after he got her dressed

Friday, May 10, 2013

Karson the Soccer Stud

We decided to sign Karson up for soccer this year (after meaning to do so for the last year or 2 or 3...oops!). He had his first practice last Friday, followed by his first game Saturday morning. We went to Play It Again and got him some shin guards and socks, then found some sweet tennis shoes at the Nike store by our house. Lucky for me, the soccer ball I bought him for his birthday last year was the right size... score! I had to work the night of his practice, but Cris said he did pretty good. His only problem (of course!) was listening to his coach. I guess at one point he was running around with his hands in his pockets. Cris thought he was trying to touch the ball too much so maybe the coach told him to put his hands in his pockets to avoid temptation...but that wasn't the case. Nope, it was just another episode of Karson being his wild little self! Gotta love him :)

I was excited to be able to make it to his first game... even though it was right after I got off my last night of work. We signed him up on the indoor soccer league. The playing field was pretty cool... I have never been to an indoor soccer game before. It reminded me of an ice rink with turf on it, and not so cold LOL. Karson put on his new Orange Fireball jersey/t-shirt and was ready to play. His coach stayed up late the night before and printed/ironed all the kids names onto their fun!

Of course parents need to be reminded of these fun facts :)

Karson played forward for awhile, then got tired so decided to try his hand at goalie for a bit. I'm not gonna say that being a goalie is his calling in life, but he had fun. I think his team only scored on him once, and the other team maybe got a couple past him LOL. It is so fun to watch a big herd of 4-6 year olds running around chasing a soccer ball with no real concept of what they are doing. There was a cute little girl with blonde pigtails that was running around energetically with the biggest smile on her face the whole time... adorable! When I played soccer back in the day I hated almost every second of it because I have never liked to run... I almost always played defense to minimize the amount of running I had to do. But Karson seemed to enjoy it, and I am excited to watch the rest of his games! Go Orange Fireballs! :)

Snacks: the best part of playing soccer

Go Brother, Go!