Thursday, May 23, 2013

11 months!

In less than one short month little Chloe will be 1 year old! No longer a "zero" as our friend's kid used to call Karson. I can't believe it... time flies too fast! She is still as cute as ever and is so full of personality. Within the last week she has gotten brave and tried walking short distances. So exciting! Cris gives me a hard time because I wouldn't "let him teach her sooner," but it was for good reasons. Having a 9/10 month old that is crawling is enough work, walking would be so much more trouble!

Other than that, Chloe is just growing up and changing all the time. She is doing cute things like clapping with a big grin on her face, chasing Karson around, and eating anything she can get her hands on (not excluding chicken poop...yuck!). I'm working on planning her first birthday party, and it should be lots of fun! I've decided to do a mermaid theme which should be pretty cute! Here's some fun pictures of what Chloe's been up to :)

Standing up in her highchair... of course!

Troublemakers, squeezed their way past the stool to mess with the TV

Playing in a Gi-normous ball

Scooping sand with the fish face ;)

Playing in the pool with Karson

Goofin' around with Karson after he got her dressed

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