Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Changing Leaves in the Beautiful Uintas

Ruth Lake
A couple weekends ago, I decided to take the kiddos to Utah to visit my family (because seeing them less than monthly is pretty much unbearable). I sent Cris off to go hunting with his brothers in Oregon, packed the cars, stocked up on some candy to bribe the kids to be angels in the car (haha...fail), and hit the road.
The drive was loooonnnggg... and I can understand why Idahoans were called out as the country's worst drivers. The speed limit was recently increased to 80mph for most of the drive, but instead of people going faster they just sit in the fast lane and block those of us who read the new speed limit as "85mph." Just get out of my way!!!! So frustrating! I guess it wasn't too bad though, we made it in pretty good time.
Chloe is mostly potty trained now and almost made it the whole way without an accident, but she fell asleep less than an hour out... and ooops. Oh well I guess. She did better than I anticipated in that area, and made it the rest of the weekend accident-free!

Barbie Princess
My sweet grandma planned a family dinner and made us Navajo tacos Friday night... soooo yummy! It was nice to see everyone, and the kiddos loved the attention they got, especially Chloe :) She wore a princess dress that my mom got for her when we were in California, and she looked adorable!
Pack horse #1

Saturday morning we packed up and drove up to the cabin. It was a little chilly, but not too bad. Once everyone was ready we drove out to the Uintas. The drive was beautiful! All of the leaves were changing to wonderful shades of yellows and reds, and the contrast of colors became more and more amazing as the day went on. Adrianne and Chloe were able to sit back and enjoy watching Frozen while we drove :)

We decided to hike up to Ruth Lake, which was an easy 3/4 mile hike. I was most excited about trying out the new backpack I got off of Craig's List for Chloe. Colton packed her up to the lake, then we wandered around for awhile admiring the lake and snow-covered mountains. I packed Chloe on a trek around the lake with Adrianne, then my dad packed her back to the car. Chloe absolutely loved being carried like that. The pack was a little heavy for me and made my upper back/shoulders sore, but I think if I adjusted it right it wouldn't be so bad.
"Awkward" family photo

Me and my dad :)
On the drive back to the cabin, Chloe took a little cat nap. Considering the small amount of time she slept in naps for the weekend, she was a really happy kid. Everyone loved her, and she ate it up :) My aunt and uncle came up with their daughter Alexa, her boyfriend and his mom... after they finished their (insane/freezing) boating adventure down at the lake. Karson took Alexa and Court on a 4wheeler ride, which ended in some bruises, but they kept riding so it must not have been too bad. We all roasted marshmallows around the fire and had a great time!

Exploding ketchup bottle

Sunday we let the kids go on the 4 wheeler for a bit, then headed out to Park City. We went to the bike park so the bigger boys could ride around on the pump track while Kars and Chloe played on the playground. After we'd had enough of that, we went out for lunch at a nice little sports grill. Chloe was exhausted at that point, and it was hard to keep her entertained. She spent most of the lunch hour making "gravel angels" on the ground (since we were lucky enough to be able to sit outside). It was such a gorgeous October day...the weather was unbeatable for this time of year! When we finished eating, we headed our separate ways. The kids and I had another looonnnggg drive home. Chloe was grumpy, but we made it, and couldn't have been happier to be done driving :)

Pack horse #2

Chloe and Uncle Dalton :)
Ski and Karson

Pack horse #3

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