Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chloe's New "Quiet Book"

I decided that I wanted to make something cute and crafty for Chloe's birthday... which is coming up way too soon! I found all of these tutorials on Pinterest (of course!) on how to make quiet books for the kiddos. After browsing through multiple different ideas, I decided to get going. I bought a deep-cut blade/housing for my Cricut, lots of different colors of felt, and some heat and bond to help my Cricut cut through the felt. Then I started looking through my Cricut cartridges to see what I could make. I decided on these page themes:

  1. Hang the laundry on the clothes line
  2. Pick apples from the tree
  3. "Paper" doll dress up
  4. Matching shapes
  5. Put the petals on the flower
  6. Mail a letter
  7. "Basket weaving"
So I got to work cutting out my shapes with the Cricut (which by the way is so much nicer than cutting things out by hand). After my pages were all assembled, I went up to my craft room and rummaged through some fabrics that I had lying around.  I decided to use a cute pink receiving blanket with a butterfly on it for the cover of my project. For how OCD/follow the rules I usually am, the cover was actually a throw together/sew together type deal... but I think it turned out even better than I'd hoped it would. Karson tried it all out for me and seemed to like it...which may mean it is a little too advanced for little Chloe, but oh well. She can grow into it :) Cris was proud of me for using some of the valuable ideas that I have found while wasting my time on Pinterest. We'll see what Chloe thinks of it next week :)

Here's the final product:

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