Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Independence Day/// 13months!!!

We had a great 4th of July celebration. I managed to stay home all night on call so that I could watch fireworks with the kiddos. Chloe seemed to be amazed by the fountain we lit off for her, and Karson had a blast lighting his own fireworks. We thought about going to watch the fireworks in Boise, but Chloe does best if she goes to bed early so we skipped it this time...maybe next year.

Since my grandparents recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, my mom threw them a fun little open house. We spent all day preparing food and decorating, and it all turned out great! Lots of friends/family came to congratulate my grandparents on 50 years together, and they seemed to be quite pleased. I asked people to send me their favorite memories of the couple... but only got a few responses :(  I decided to improvise and decorated a little notebook to write memories in and set it out at the party. Grandma loved it!

Chloe and Colton
Favorite new outfit
The next day we decided to take the Kayaks that my grandpa rented from the college out to the lake. We had so much fun! The dogs ran around in the water until we dragged them back to shore (since it's so shallow quite a ways out from the beach). My brothers practiced rolling in the kayaks, and Chloe and Karson had a blast just playing in the water. After a couple hours at the lake (and seeing lightning hit too close for comfort), we headed back to Mom's and the boys took a nap. We decided to stay one more night, and I'm glad we did. I never want to leave their house... being with them makes any place "home." But once we got home, it was nice to relax and unwind. I was supposed to work Monday night, but was forced on call all night (which was secretly what I wanted)... and now we're back to the daily grind.

Fun things Chloe's doing:

  • walking/running around like a little drunk person
  • babbling cutely
  • handing things to whoever will take them with a little "uh" sound, and then taking them back...over and over and over again
  • giving kisses sometimes when asked
  • playing with Dad and Karson and giggling wildly... I absolutely love this!
Grandma bought Karson a new Cars suitcase at the thrift store, and this shirt and tie were inside of it (among other treasures that someone may or may not be missing LOL), and Karson wore the tie all day on Saturday... too cute!
What Karson is up to:
  • tying his own shoes! *Props to Cris for teaching him this :)
  • adoring his sister/entertaining her whenever he gets the chance
  • working on his reading skills
  • being the entertaining kid that he is and making me laugh with his every day comments :)
What Cris is up to:
  • enjoying the stay-at-home dad life
  • maintaining the yard/making future plans for our garden
  • taking good care of the kids :)
What I'm up to:
  • still working in the same unit of the hospital... some days are harder than others but I really like my coworkers
  • studying for my CNRN  (neuroscience certification) it's taking over my life but hey... it comes with a nice bonus!
  • slowly but surely hopping back up on the yoga train... all these hot 3 digit days make it really hard to go to hot yoga, but I will get back into it!

    I crocheted this cute little hat for a friend of my grandma's, and who better to model it than Chloe!

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