Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Camping, camping and more camping!

We took Chloe for her first camping trip of the summer a couple weekends ago for a redneck wedding. She did pretty good, and we had a fun time! The wedding was right along the river up at Boiling Springs, which was so pretty! Chloe loved running around in the dirt and actually slept semi-okay for us (with a lot of patience/determination on Cris's behalf). It was a good trial run, but we were kinda bummed that Karson wasn't with us (he was off spending a fun-filled weekend at Aunt Janet's house instead).

The next weekend we made our annual family trip to Lava Hot Springs and had a blast!  Mom and Dad made some delicious Dutch oven meals, and the weather was somewhat cooperative. It rained for awhile on Saturday, but the sun came out just long enough for Mom, Dad, Karson and me to float the river a few times. We sat in the hot pools on Saturday night, which put me right to bed when we got back to camp LOL. I had full intentions of staying up to socialize with the fam, but fell asleep while putting Chloe to bed... oops! We spent our last day floating the river, and it was nice and sunny until the last few minutes of our last float... when it started raining again. But I do have to say the rain was a nice break from the hot weather we have been having.

Cris had a couple unfortunate experiences during our trip. On the first day there he got tossed around by a waterfall while floating the river and scraped his back up. The last day he slipped walking down to the river barefoot, which resulted in a blood blister on his heel about the size of a half dollar... ouch! And if you didn't already know, we came home to a destroyed chicken coop and 4 dead chickens :( Sad day! Fortunately, one of the chickens survived and we were able to get her home... so there might be some more chickens joining our family in the near future. It has been a busy summer, and I think we're about ready for school to start and life to change pace for a little while :)

Cris caught a whopper!!!

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