Friday, January 24, 2014

Reflecting On 2013 and Pushing Forward Into 2014

I have been trying to do this post for like 3 weeks now... oops. I am feeling like a slacker lately, but life has been busy! I started charging at work a few months ago as a back up, and then a couple nurses quit so I have been working overtime (more often than I'd like, to be honest)... but I have a vacation to save up for so I guess it's okay for now. Last weekend we visited my family, since Karson had a long weekend for Martin Luther King Day (or Human Right's Day is what they're calling it now I guess). We really had a good time while we were there. My mom and I went to a couple yoga classes that were just right. The second class we went to was a fun new challenge compared to what I'm used to. The instructor had us kick up into handstands in the middle of the room... no wall to support ourselves with or stop us from kicking all the way over into a back flop... just core strength and self confidence. Mastering handstands is one of my resolutions this year, so I have been doing a lot of core work lately to help with that goal, which gave me the self confidence to give it a try in this class. I was able to kick up for just a second, but I felt so empowered and capable of anything in that brief moment. I haven't done a handstand without a wall for support in who knows how long! Go me :)

Back to resolutions... last year's included doing more yoga, reading books on alternative medicine/therapies, living on a budget, and just being happy. Overall those goals went well enough. This year my goals include redecorating the house, taking a trip to a new place with the kiddos, paying off some credit card debt (boring!), working on my communication skills (maybe clearing my chakras to help with that), being more patient with the kids, mastering headstands and handstands, and eating healthier. I feel pretty motivated to do these so far, but we'll check back in a few months and see how it's all going.

Now for an update on the kids... Karson is still enjoying 1st grade. He is becoming such a smart young man. Reading is one of his strengths, as is spelling. He amazes me all the time. He is a pretty happy kid with a bright personality that makes me smile, especially when we get to spend quality time together. Chloe is becoming quite the little busy body. She can be sweet and shy, or defiant and loud... or anything in between, which can be fun or overwhelming. She is growing so fast, it's hard to keep up (I'm sure I'm starting to sound like a broken record with that comment...sorry). We have started taking her binky away from her except for at naptime and bedtime, which has immensely helped with her language skills. She jabbers all the time now, and has a handful of words that are very clear like "puppy," "cookie," and "kitty." It is pretty adorable. While we were in Utah, she became about as attached to Granny as Karson is...which was cute. I wish we lived closer to my parents so that she could be around them as much as Karson was at this age. If Karson had a choice he would live with them LOL. Maybe one day we'll live closer together... for now we will just keep on keeping on :) Here we go 2014...
Breakfast at Granny's

Sledding in the backyard

Scary emu down the street

Story time with big brother :)

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