Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hello 2015...

Happy New Years!!!

Of course since the new year has started,  resolutions are on my mind. A recent tip I read was to really look at last year's goals and figure out what went wrong/right and why, then use that information to help direct your new goals. So my goals last year were:

  • Redecorate the house (being done slowly but surely... I painted the living room and redid one of the bathrooms)
  • Take a trip to a new place with the kiddos (Done! We went to the Uintas with my family in October, and Cris and I went to Mexico... FUN!)
  • Pay off some credit card debt (Still in progress, but I'm definitely making good progress... maybe 3 more months and it'll all be paid off!)
  • Work on my communication (This one will be deemed ongoing... Chakra clearing is still on my to do list, all other advice for improvement here is greatly appreciated)
  • Be more patient (Also ongoing... I like to think that I was more patient in 2014 than in 2013... but who knows??)
  • Master headstands/handstands (I have to admit I hardly even thought about headstands after that exhilarating class last January, but I do work on headstands here and there and it is my pose of the month to focus on)
  • Eat healthier (Compared to the year before I met this goal, but it is a work in progress)
Overall, I think I'm happy with that. So for 2015 my goals are pretty similar, but it's because they're important to me to continue to work on. Of course, I will continue working on the things I didn't quite get done last year, but those things wont be at the very top of my list. I saw something on Pinterest that inspired a different way to go about making my resolutions here. Some of these are a little stretched, but hey I tried :)
  • Break a bad habit: declutter the house (aka, stop saving garbage that I could turn into crafts, etc.)
  • Learn a new skill: I have been wanting to get a nice DSLR camera and learn how to take amazing photos, so maybe that will happen this year... and I am really hopeful that this will be the year I start a yoga teacher training program :)
  • Do a good deed: Volunteer my time at the Women and Children's Alliance
  • Visit a new place: Washington/Oregon Coast, here we come!!!
  • Read a difficult book: Bhagavad Gita, and my Love and Logic parenting book
  • Write something important: keep up on my journal and record all the special/funny/frustrating/crazy things that my children do in day to day life
  • Try a new food: I want to get better at cooking this year and try out more of those yummy Pinterest recipes I've been looking at... and I would like to experiment with making lots of freezer meals to throw in the crockpot on lazy days :)
  • Do something good for someone who can't thank you: I found this really cool website (thanks Pinterest!) where you can find different locations to donate extra food from your garden... last year we let a lot of produce go to waste, so we're going to see how this works out for us :)
  • Take an important risk: this one is pending... I took a huge risk a few months ago by taking a job in the NICU, which has turned out great so far... but I'm not sure what kind of risks I'm ready to take in the new year. I will keep you posted when I decide :)
Watching fireworks (the day after New Years Eve because I had to work)

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