Friday, January 4, 2013

Amanda's Baby Shower

Since my good friend Jamie threw such an adorable baby shower for me, I thought I would "pay it forward" to another good friend, Amanda. We decided to do a sock monkey theme, and it turned out sooooo cute! Amanda made the food, and I did the sweets (because that's all I really like to make). We had hot chocolate, cupcakes, spicy chicken roll-ups, crackers with humus, mozzarella bites, CANDY, and some veggies with dip. MMMMMmmmm.

(cake balls for favors! YUM!)

 For one of the activities, I had everyone make a quilt square for baby Henry. Everyone was a little skeptical about tapping into their creative sides, but eventually they got into the mood and came up with some CUTE stuff!

We played some of the normal baby shower games, and Amanda got a lot of good stuff. Props to Jamie for making some adorable onesie cupcakes...

Overall, I was happy with the results... and definitely relieved to be done with the planning/entertaining too large of a group... but I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I always enjoy helping out my friends! 

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