Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy busy!

Happy Martin Luther King Day! Time goes by so fast! It feels like we have been so busy lately, but at the same time it seems like we haven't done much haha. Little Chloe is crawling in full force now.... time to get that baby proof stuff done that I have been putting off for so long. We have been working on a puzzle and it seems like every time we take our eyes off of her she gets a puzzle piece and sticks it in her mouth. She is pulling herself up on furniture too! We're in for some trouble now! But she sure is cute! She is still a very happy little girl and smiles and giggles all the time. It is fun to watch her grow...and it is nice to get to spend time with her on my days off.

Karson has had a couple rough experiences lately. The other night, he came in from playing outside with a sad look on his face. When asked what was wrong he said he had gotten his tongue stuck to the trampoline! Like the great parents we are, we could not contain our laughter. I asked him why he didn't know better, especially after watching Christmas Story! His reply was "Well there was no snow on it..." Poor kiddo. Hopefully he wont do that again LOL. Then the next morning when I was playing with Chloe, he came into her room and this is what I saw...

He was crying "I can't get my arms out!" I of course had to take advantage of that Kodak moment and snap this quick pic! Then I was nice and held up the stool so he could wiggle his arms out. I laughed at him and asked him what he was doing, as I posted the picture on Facebook. He was not amused with me, and kept crying that his arms still hurt. Poor kid. I guess sometimes you've got to learn things the hard way. Anytime I showed someone that picture or mentioned it around Karson he started pouting or ran away to hide. Personally, I have pulled up this picture multiple times since taking it just to enjoy a private laugh :) One day he will find it as funny as I do...maybe :-/  But other than that he's good. He is a smart kid, and picking up on reading like a champ, and I am very proud of him! He has had a couple rough days at school recently, so every morning I have been telling him to make it a good day, and he seems to be doing better in class. I actually got an email from his teacher telling me how good of a day he'd had (versus why he had to go to the office like the other emails have been). It made me happy.

Cris and I are just trying to hang on to this crazy thing called life. He likes being able to watch Chloe grow up, and is still enjoying the Stay At Home Dad life... but who wouldn't?! My job sucks most days, but like I always tell people, I still really like the people I work with... so that makes it okay. I'm trying to decide what type of nursing I would like to move onto. The cool thing about being a nurse is that there are sooooo many options! I just need to find one of those options that really speaks to me. The more I do yoga, the more I want it to be a bigger part of my life... but my yoga certification plan may take a little while to achieve. So for now, I will just enjoy going to yoga classes on my days off :)

Spring Break is coming up... and I'm thinking St. George sounds like a nice warm place to visit. Haven't decided yet for sure, but whatever we will do should be fun! Well that's all for today...Namaste! :)

At least the cold makes some days this beautiful!

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