Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yay for snow!

So far the new year hasn't let us down...we have gotten more snow in the past 2 days than we did all of the last winter. It has been a lot of fun! Last night Cris got the Honda 50 out and was towing Karson around on his sled. We had Jamie and her family over for dinner, so Colby and Aiden played outside with the boys until after 9:00pm! They had a little kicker set up by the driveway, and said they were getting quite a bit of air off of it! Chloe was in bed, and Jamie and I enjoyed some peaceful girl time with cute little McKinnley. I'd have to say it turned out to be a pretty good night.

When Karson got home from school today Cris towed Karson, Chloe and me on the sled around the block... and it was actually pretty fun :) Chloe was pretty much indifferent about it, but towards the end she started "yelling" and looked like she was entertained haha. Cris pulled Karson over the kicker a few more times, and Karson kept saying "Cris keeps bull-dogging me!" Turns out "bull-dogging" means that Cris was making Karson's butt slide off the back of the sled and drag in the snow... who knows where he got that saying from LOL. That kid never ceases to amuse me :)

So as far as resolutions go... I have been meditating and doing my own little yoga sessions every day for the last week. It is making me feel so much better... mind, body and soul, and I love it! Jamie and I are going to go to another class at Lhotse Yoga again tomorrow, it should be fun. I love taking people with me to yoga.... I just want everyone to have the opportunity to experience how good it makes you feel...especially hot yoga! I have decided that I want to get certified to be a yoga instructor. I have been researching it, and it seems like something that could help me feel like I am living a more fulfilling life. So more will come about that in the future :) That's it for now... thanks for reading!

Karson and Chloe playing in their fort

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