Friday, February 8, 2013

Happiest Kids on the Block

The weather was finally warming up a little bit (by which I mean 30's and 40's instead of the single digit misery we suffered through for a few weeks) and we have been able to spend more time outside...and then it snowed last night haha. Last Friday Cris, Chloe and I walked to Karson's school with the dog. It was such a beautiful day that I couldn't justify not being outside. Chloe babbled to herself most of the way, and Karson got a little too carried away with his competitiveness when trying to race Cris and Chubbs. He stopped and pouted a couple times and we wondered if he would make it home or not. Thankfully he sucked it up and finished the walk with a smile on his face.

Karson's teacher sent me an email the other day to inform me of how well he has been doing in class lately. It made me smile, and I am so proud of Karson. There are not many things that I want more than to see my children succeed in life. Most days he comes home from school every day bragging about not having to go to the office haha. Ever since we implemented the "make it a good day" technique, he has not gotten into trouble in class (...home life is a different story LOL). We recently switched his room with my craft room and he couldn't be happier about it. Little does he know, there is less room for him to play now and more room for me to craft...but hey if he's happy I'm happy!

On Sunday we went to a superbowl party at my coworker, Brian's houses. Karson played with Greyson and Shyloh all night and we didn't see much of him. Chloe was entertained all night and was her cute little self for everyone to see :) There were lots of yummy snacks there and we had a great time! It's nice to do different things for entertainment.

Chloe is now crawling up the stairs whenever she gets the chance. She of course likes the big stairs the most, which is scary but at least we have a baby gate! She is so fun to be around, she is a very smiley baby and so good natured. I get up with her around 7 on most of my days off, and we just play in her room until Karson gets up. I am not a morning person at all, especially not with my work schedule, but I enjoy spending time with her in the mornings. She has started this little growling thing, which is pretty funny. Too bad Halloween isn't coming up or we would probably dress her up as a zombie LOL.

Anyways... my bestest (yes bestest!) friend Ashley is moving back here from Alabama in a few weeks and I couldn't be happier! She and her husband have been in Alabama since 2011, and before that they were in Portland for a few years while she finished up school. It will be so fun to have her back in town, and I know Karson is going to love getting to spend time with her and Duane :)

This week I had some very zen experiences... both in one day. My friend, Nichole and I went to lunch at Shangri La Tea Room and Cafe. We drank a pot of Matejuana tea which is supposed to give you a sense of relaxation and euphoria... which it totally did! Especially along with the live music. One of the musicians played a guitar and a didgeridoo, and the other played an assortment of flutes and the saxophone... what a cool experience! To top it all off, the food was AMAZING! I definitely recommend checking it out! Later that evening Nichole and I decided to try out a Yin yoga class at Sumits, and it was just perfect! The instructor incorporated essential oils, candles and incense into her class and it was all about holding poses for 3-4 minutes at a time. There were a lot of hip opening poses which are always intense, but feel really good. The class started with orange blossom oil and ended with was just a really nice way to end the day :) The kids and I also ventured over to Bounce and spent about 2 hours there having a great time! So all in all, I'd say I had a pretty great week! Now we're off to wash the dog, and maybe get a treat from Cold Stone...mmmm!

Until next time... Namaste!

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