Monday, February 25, 2013

You Are My Sunshine

I am totally ready for spring weather! I recently checked out a hula hooping class at Lhotse Yoga with my friend Nichole. We had so much fun that I decided to make my own hula hoop, and one for Karson. Cris, the kids and I went to Lowe's for some supplies (PVC tubing, a connector coupling piece thingy, and colorful electrical tape) and the next day we put together our hoops. Karson decorated his with blue, white, green, yellow and red tape, and I decorated mine with blue, green and white tape. Then we took our new hoops outside and started practicing. We are not very good, but it's one of those things that is just fun no matter what your skill level is. Cris impressed us with a few of his tricks, and Chloe just watched like we were crazy.
 (This is the video that I used for making our hoops

After Karson got out of school the Friday before last, we went to Subway and then had a picnic at Settler's Park. I was actually quite surprised to see so many children at the park in February, but it was in the 50's... which feels pretty nice this time of year :) Karson worked on his rock climbing skills, and Cris put him to work doing obstacles across the playground while Chloe and I wandered around. Chloe loved being outside in the sun. Cris tried shading her face and she pushed his arm away every time. After a couple times she just held her arm up to block him... it was pretty cute! I can't wait until the weather warms up and we can spend more time outside! Last summer Chloe was too little to keep out in the sun for very long, so we didn't get to fully enjoy the summer days. Of course, with this being Idaho and all, we had  few nice days and then yesterday it snowed! So crazy...but hopefully it warms back up soon!

This is officially my last weekend of my baylor contract... so no more working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for me. I'm quite excited to get a break and spend some time with my friends and family :) Speaking of family...Riley passed his massage therapy licensing test! I am soooo proud of him, and can't wait to get some energy work done next time I see him! He is planning on getting certified to teach yoga too, so we will just be a family of yogis... I love it! 

Cris decided to put his desire to brew beer into action a little over a week ago, and had some friends over to help him. They set up camp in the shed and brewed awayHe still has about 6 and a half more weeks to wait, but hopefully it all turns out good so he can experiment with different recipes.

Chloe recently started saying "Dadadadadadada" and it is pretty cute. Some moms are sad when their babies dont' say "mama" first, but I don't mind... I have Karson with his constant "! Mama! Mom!!! I love you." LOL, so Cris can get that from Chloe haha. Other than that the kids are doing great. Karson is still doing well in school and Chloe is just exploring her surroundings in ways that make me wonder if she is going to be as wild as Karson in her toddler years...but we'll see. Until next time...

"The heart sees deeper than the eye."
                              -Yogi tea bag haha

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