Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Brew, Motorcycles and Teething

We have had quite the exciting week. Cris's friend from college, Jim came to town on Thursday from Nevada. The next afternoon, they had their friend Josh come over and they bottled up 5 gallons of home brewed beer. They seemed to be having a great time, and worked really hard to maintain their sterility by utilizing straws so that they could drink while bottling. Men... lol. It was a pretty cool process to watch, and hopefully all of their hard work pays off in another few weeks.

After they were done, a few more friends showed up and Cris and Jim decided to show them their motorcycles. Cris's motorcycle is having some issues right now, so he is borrowing one from his mom's boyfriend. So naturally, Cris had to take it for a quick ride to see what the bike was capable of. About 5 minutes later, he came inside, breathless and with some gnarly road rash on his right arm and side. He wasn't complaining much about it until he washed it off...then he was hurting pretty good. I'm glad he's okay and all, but I wish he would accept how accident prone he is and protect himself from things like that! Needless to say, I was a little worried about the condition he would come home in after going out riding in the mountains on Saturday! Thankfully, he made it home without any new injuries yesterday afternoon.

Since I worked Friday night, Grandma Penny came over Saturday morning to watch the kids while Cris and Jim went riding. She pretty much made Cris's day, and to top it off she made us breakfast! She found this new recipe for these breakfast pockets where you take pillsbury biscuits and wrap them around sausage, eggs, and hashbrowns, then bake them...mmmm! Karson enjoyed spending the day with his grandma, and Chloe was so good for her! Sometime throughout the day, Chloe sprouted a little tooth on her bottom gum. It has barely poked through, and the one next to it is following close behind....which explains why she has been sooooooo grumpy lately! I forgot how much teething sucks!

Last weekend was officially the end of my baylor schedule. No more working every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night for this girl! It will be nice to not have to work every weekend, but I am going to miss the weekend crew...and my predictable schedule. So far it's okay though.

I started planning a road trip up the Oregon/Washington Coast for the summer... I can't wait to go to the beach! I want to visit Cannon Beach, Seaside, and Astoria...then maybe head up to the Forks area. It's all up in the air right now... but I'm excited!!!

So being the "mother of the year" that I am ;) I signed Karson up for a program called "Legomania" at his school that was hosted by the Y... and then forgot that I had signed him up for it so he unfortunately missed the first two days. Oops! But he was able to go Wednesday and Thursday, and had a blast! We can't wait for the next one!

All and all I would say that our crazy life is pretty good right now. I miss my parents and the rest of my family, and can't wait to see them! But other than that things are good...oh ya minus trying to file taxes through H&R Block. What a truly terrible experience! Long story short, they entered false information, we were charged $230 to file a fairly simple return, got a small amount back from federal and OWED the state money! After leaving the office feeling like I wanted to puke... I plugged in our information to TurboTax and got back twice the amount from the federal government, and a small amount back from the state. We are still in the process of getting them to straighten everything out... and hopefully it will be resolved SOON. We will never go through them again and are going to go talk to our local IRS office on Monday about what they did.

That negativity aside, we are all healthy and doing well... and looking forward to some nicer weather, BBQing outside, and being more active!

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