Monday, June 9, 2014

It's a Fiesta!!!

This year for Chloe's birthday I decided to do a Fiesta theme. I have to say that this was the most fun I have ever had planning a party, and I think it was the best 2-year-old's birthday party ever :) When Cris and I went to Mexico we picked up a couple hand stitched Mexican dresses for Chloe (neither of which she wore for the party, but oh well), which was my inspiration for having a Fiesta. I did lots of Pinterest searching and found tons of fun ideas. I also found super cute decorations at Target while I was in Utah.

I wrapped mustache Duck Tape around some
 little bottles of bubbles for party favors... cute!
We had a taco bar, a delicious fiesta corn dip, fiesta stuffed mini peppers, fruit salad, chips with salsa and guacamole, and cactus cupcakes. The food was delicious and everyone loved it. The dish for the fiesta corn dip pretty much got licked clean, so I would definitely recommend that recipe! We also served margaritas and cervezas for the adults, and orange soda for the kiddos (which Chloe and McKinley ended up using to fill up the baby pool...silly girls). The company was great, the kids were entertained by the pool and trampoline, and it was just a good time.
I found this idea in a Family Circle magazine... the petals are mini marshmallows cut in half diagonally and dipped in sprinkles

My cake decorating skills were all used up on the cupcakes LOL

Mustache stir sticks... Chloe loved these!

This bowl was so fun! It had a button that played La Cucaracha, then closed a lid over the salsa. Chloe kept eating the salsa-- even though it was too hot for her-- just to hear the music, and would jump back every time it opened or closed LOL

The chili pepper piñata was a blast for the kids!

I thought it would be cute to fill the piñata with candy from the Hispanic foods aisle at Winco... but the kids weren't very impressed 

It was all I could do to get Chloe to open up her presents, but she loves all of them!

Little buddies piggin' out on candy

Granny made this cute balloon tower... adorable!

Mustache party!!!

William was up way past bedtime, but still being a total trooper :)

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