Friday, March 15, 2013

9 Months Old!

Chloe is now 9 months old! How did time go by so fast?! She is growing so fast and accomplishes new exciting things all the time! I think it is just about as difficult keeping up with her as it was with Karson...which took me by surprise. I thought my little girl would be a sweet little angel and never give me any trouble! At least not until she was a teenager LOL. So much for that naive dream...I guess I knew better. She is crawling over things, getting into everything, screaming at us for not paying enough attention to her, and so many other troublesome behaviors... but we are loving [almost] every minute of it! She is still working on getting her little tooth to come all the way through...and maybe that's been playing into her attitude. But who knows... Cris took her for her first bike ride ever yesterday, and she seemed to enjoy it. I also found an adorable little Disney Princess umbrella stroller that she seems to be a big fan of. With the nice weather this week, I took her for a little stroll around the block in her cute new Croc wannabes and she just kicked her little feet the whole way... toooo CUTE!!!

Little rockstar princess :)

Chloe's first bike ride!

Look at that cute new stroller!

... and ADORABLE shoes haha

What a happy girl

Giving Bear dog loves

Karson pushing Chloe in her new stroller...good times!

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