Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ice Cream Date With My Favorite Kindergartener

Karson brought home his report card from school on Friday and it was quite impressive... to me anyways. The kids are given a 1(rarely displays behavior), 2 (occasionally displays) or 3 (consistently displays). Last quarter (or trimester or whatever it is that school goes by) he got mostly 2's... except in respect. Sadly he was not very respectful and only got a 1 in that category. I commended him for doing well in the other areas and we then set a goal to work on being respectful. It was tough at first and then he got it and has way more good days than bad. So this report card was made up of mostly 3's- Yay Karson!- and he brought his respect from a 1 to a 2. I was very proud of him and decided to take him out on an ice cream date. He chose TCBY, and we took advantage of the nice weather and rode our bikes there (after having Cris fix both of our tires lol). This is what Karson chose...
Peanut butter chocolate ice cream parfait with hot caramel, M&Ms, and gummy bears!

He enjoyed every bite of it... minus a few bites that he so kindly shared with his ice cream addicted mom :)

Our conversation was quite amusing... out of nowhere he told me that he loves girls because they dress so cute, but not everbody thinks so. He also said that he can only tell me that he loves me because if he tells other girls that then they will want to marry him! Haha! There is rarely a dull moment around Karson :)

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